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Friday, April 25, 2008

Get The Lead Out!

Swingin', missin', bobblin';
that's all you seem to do.

Grounding to first, you're really the worst;
Chris Russo seems to think that you belong in a hearse.

We'll rest assured, you'll pop out to third,
You're quite a turd, we gotta end this curse.

One of these days and it won't be long,
You'll look for the team bus, but buddy, it'll be gone.

This is all I gotta say to you, Carlos:

Your time is gonna come... [X4]

Willie's made up his mind, he'll use Aaron this time,
Won't be so fine, it's our turn to cry.

Willie does what he wants, and we all take the brunt;
A batting practice pitcher five games a week.

Don't mind his ERA, 'cause he's goin' away to stay,
Gonna make him pay for those fat n' juicy gopher balls.

"Aaron's my guy," says Willie, who's high;
They both make us sigh, hang our heads and cry.

People talkin' all around,
Watch out Willie, no longer
Are you gonna manage this team that doesn't try.

You been bad to me Willie, but it's coming back home to you...

Your time is gonna come...


Blogger Rickey Henderson said...

Ok, uncle. Rickey gives in. Is there room left on the "Crucify Aaron Heilman" bandwagon? Rickey wants to hop aboard.

But hey, Wagner seems to think he'll make an excellent closer!

8:15 AM

Anonymous the coop said...

as long as heilman has no marbles, he will never be a closer. not in this lifetime anyway

10:45 AM

Anonymous The Fighting Hellfish said...

What is more amazing than how absolutely putrid Heilman has been this season is the fact that despite his repeatedly horrendous performance, his manager has gone to him enough times so that he leads the league in appearances so far this season.

2:34 PM

Anonymous Joe D said...

Love the Zeppelin remake, but yes Delgado is free falling into oblivion.

9:47 AM

Anonymous Toasty Senior said...

Please remind your readers who started the Anti-Aaron Bandwagon.

7:06 AM


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