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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What? You Pooped In The Refrigerator?

You ate a whole wheel of cheese?

You had one of your speediest runners thrown out at home plate by 10 feet with nobody out and the heart of the order due up - twice in the same game?

And you blew a 3-run, 9th inning lead?

How'd you do that?

Heck, I'm not even mad. That's amazing!

How 'bout we get you in your p.j.'s and we hit the hay?


All I'll say about last night's debacle is that I was checking out a Phillies fan message board in the 7th inning, and all I saw was "we suck, break up the team, they're awful, no playoffs, we can't hit, Gillick, you idiot, fire sale, fire sale, fire sale..." You don't even want to know what the comments on MetsBlog looked like after it was all over.

I think all of us might need a new hobby. As for me, I'm swearing off message boards.


Blogger The Schwizz said...

The Mets should just go off to Foggy London Town, and drown themsleves in the Thames.

11:44 AM

Blogger SonnyD said...

Johan should have finished that game. He's a pussy for not taking the ball in the 9th. Still, no excuse why 4 guys can't hold a 3 run lead. Is it september?

12:46 PM

OpenID abbeyhatesyou said...

Don't read the Mets.com boards. They might drive you to suicide.

3:29 PM

Blogger Toasty Senior said...

Good article by Rhoden in today's NY Times. There's no leadership on team. Just stupid post home run handshakes. Johan should have been arguing to stay in for one more inning...Wags should have said, "screw the stiff shoulder, send me in!"

5:17 PM

Blogger Toasty Joe said...

Thus far, only one out of the 4 of you got the Anchorman reference. Booooo!! Boo, I says.

5:38 PM

Blogger the bronx lurker said...

Toasty Sr., I'm confused. I thought Reyes was a leader?!? After all, he is on pace for 18 triples this season.

5:38 PM

Blogger Cecilio's Scribe said...

is that you, baxter? bark twice if you're in milwaukee.

oh, and yes, wasn't it refreshing to see "out Mets" return? The same bone-headed, heart attack-inducing, opportunity squandering, bullpen crumbling team I knew and loved (and despised) from the majority of the first half of the season.

it was getting a little too Invasion of the Body Snatchers witht that whole winning streak thing.

7:37 PM

Blogger Rickey Henderson said...

Hot damn, Reyes with the three run homer just now... ...looks like someone's been applying the Sex Panther.

9:02 PM


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