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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Five Dollar Footlong

Well, those privileged enough to be at the cozy friendly quirky confines of Citi Field last night (which does not include me) were blessed with one of the weirdest games this commentator has ever seen. Consider:

Johan Santana's pitching line. 6 innings, 120 pitches, 11 Ks, 6 walks. Say what?

Adam Dunn's 678-foot home run. Yikes pipes. I actually went and checked the roof deck of my apartment in Brooklyn to make sure it didn't knock over our new CB2 main-sail umbrella. (By the way, that's the same umbrella that threatens to do a Mary Poppins off the roof every time there's stiff wind. Perhaps we should've thought that purchase through a bit more).

Fernando Martinez petulantly rolling his eyes instead of heading towards first base on a pop-up that, of course, fell in. C'mon 'Nando. At least made a move towards first. At least start walking there. Give me something to work with here. That was HORRIFIC. If he's in the starting lineup tonight, it will be a disgrace of Willie-sized proportions.

Dan Murphy, a canary-colored Subway billboard, a clueless right-fielder, and Sheff being Sheff. I have now seen this replay about 25 times, and honest to God, I still have no idea what happened -- which means, in my opinion, the umps probably should've let the call on the field stand. But hey - we've still got a long way to go to make up for all the shit Angel Hernandez has pulled over the years, so I'm taking all the breaks I can get.

Now, speaking of video review, I have to weigh in on Saturday night's game up in Boston (which I haven't done yet because I've been a slacker of the highest magnitude). I said it at the time - I can't recall a more unbelievable regular-season win for this team since - well, maybe ever. Maybe. At a bare minimum, we surely learned at least two things:

(a) Omir Santos needs to catch every day. Every. Single. Day. I love everything about his game, from the clutch hits, gritty at-bats, game-calling, defense - everything. I'm so over Ramon and his flabby, enormous head, his strikeouts, and clueless catching abilities. Let Schneider come back and handle day games after night games, but it's Omir all the way.

(b) J.J. Putz stinks. He was lucky to survive Saturday night with his life. Plus, he's issued 16 walks to 18 Ks. That's good. You always want a multitude of guys on base when you're an 8th inning specialist. Is there anything we can get for this guy on the open market? Thoughts??

(Maybe I'm being harsh, but I am developing a serious Bobby Parnell man-crush. There's our 8th inning solution right there. Love that man).


Blogger The Fighting Hellfish said...

Actually, there has been talk of the Mets being able to trade Putz at the trading deadline. With Parnell pitching well and Wagner due to come back in August, it is possible that the Mets may have a surplus of good relievers. Who would have ever imagined that?

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